Macbeth (2016)

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow/Creeps in this petty pace from day to day/To the last syllable of recorded time”

ThirdSpace Theatre’s (then Windmill Young Actors) first ever performance in Brighton Open Air Theatre, we brought together members from across the company to create an utterly striking and devastating production of the Scottish play against the vastness of the Brighton evening sky.

For the first time in a summer production, we involved actors from as young as 8 to as old as 18 to tell the story of Macbeth. Younger actors played chorus roles and were instrumental to bringing the piece to life and lending it its iconic dramatic weight.

The chorus during one of the immense battle scenes.

Our first time being at BOAT, we were ecstatic with the new theatrical possibilities it opened up to us. The challenge it presented to our young actors was risen to and then some, delivering stellar performances only enriched by the amphitheatre-style stage and steadily setting sun. Directing in the space was a marvel, allowing us to use the sky to deliver powerful lighting states, with the nature of BOAT presenting new ways to block scenes – like the army from Dunsinane hill marching up from behind the audience, taking them by surprise much like Macbeth himself is.

A “soldier” looming behind the audience, disguising themselves with branches from Burnham wood.

In unifying groups across our company, we also brought in our stellar stage combat group to electrify the great battle in the climax. Our stage combat director trained up Macbeth and Macduff, and their resulting clash in the final scenes was truly epic.

Macduff holds Macbeth at sword-point, ready to reveal his true nature and ability to kill the king.

Macbeth has gone down in history in our company as one of the finest productions we’ve ever done! Maybe one day we’ll take another stab at the iconic play…