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Welcome to Youth Theatre Clubs in Brighton, Hove, and Lewes!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity for young actors? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our drama clubs nearby offer a fun experience where children and teenagers can explore their creativity, learn important skills, and make friends for life. So join us now and discover the magic of theatre! Book a free trial today!

Why Join Our Youth Theatre Clubs?

Our youth theatre clubs boost confidence. ThirdSpace’s drama clubs are a supportive environment where young actors can feel confident both on and off the stage. By taking part in fun activities, games, and chances to perform, your child will learn to express themselves with confidence, which can help them succeed in many areas of life.

Attending our classes improves communication skills. Good communication is really important, and our drama clubs focus on helping kids develop this skill. From speaking clearly to working with others, children learn valuable communication skills that will help them in school, with friends, and in the future. Our acting classes in Brighton, Hove, and Lewes give your children or teenage actors the opportunity to learn new skills every week.

Young people learn to express themselves. Finally, our local theatre groups are a stage for young actors to let their imaginations run wild. Young people get to be creative and have fun, whether they’re telling their own stories or acting out famous plays. We work with kids to bring their ideas to life on stage, making sure they’re involved every step of the way!

An Inclusive Youth Theatre Company

We’re proud to be a drama club that welcomes kids from all backgrounds and abilities. Our goal is to make sure everyone can experience the joy of theatre. So join our diverse community and discover the fun of performing arts! ThirdSpace is a great alternative to other drama schools in Brighton.

Discounts and Free Spots

We know that money can sometimes be tight, which is why we offer a big discount to families who need it. We want to make sure every child can join our drama clubs. For this reason, we offer free places to those who qualify. We don’t want anyone missing out!

End of Term Shows

Twice a year our young actors step onto stages across Brighton, Hove, and Lewes. And then they get to show off all the work they have put in over the course of the term and showcase the skills they’ve learned along the way. We put on plays in renowned venues including Brighton Open Air Theatre, Lantern Theatre, and The Spire.

Big Professional-Scale Shows

As well as the end of term shows, our young actors have the chance to be a part of our big professional productions. These are much bigger and more ambitious than the end of term of shows. We take over big venues like Brighton Dome, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, and perform large-scale outdoor theatre in skateparks and more. These big shows are award-winning and always such a rewarding experience for the children and young people involved! 

How to Join

Ready to see your child shine on stage? Sign up for a free trial class today! Whether your child wants to have fun or dreams of being an actor, our drama clubs near you have something for everyone. We’re not like other drama groups that only care about the stars – at ThirdSpace, we make sure every young actor feels valued and supported.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be creative, make friends, and have fun. Book a trial now and let the adventure begin!

Unlock Your Child’s Talent

Our drama clubs and drama classes provide a friendly and welcoming place where young actors can grow and learn. From building confidence to making memories, our programs are designed to help kids discover their love for the arts. Join us today and start a fun journey filled with memories that will stay with them forever!