About ThirdSpace Theatre

Brighton’s Youth Theatre and Classes

ThirdSpace Theatre provides acting classes for children, teenagers, and young adults in East Sussex.

We are more than just an acting club, we are inclusive and supportive, we provide a friendly and safe environment for our students to express themselves and explore ideas that they might find challenging or exciting.

We make theatre, and that’s all elements of it. Our students will be fully immersed in the real world of theatre and what it is to be part of an ensemble theatre company.

Our students not only work with a variety of internationally celebrated scripts and playwrights, they also have the opportunity to create original productions.

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Acting. 1-2 hours dedicated acting per session

Training. Weekly vocal and physical training, helping to create confident speakers and movers.

Run by Professionals. Tanushka earns her living in the film and theatre industries through producing, directing and writing.

Student Emphasis. Students are encouraged to create work through their own writing and devising.

Performances. Professional-quality performances 2 times a year in professional venues.

Low Prices. Everyone is welcome and if you can’t afford it then we’ll try to assist you.

Community Focused. We encourage an atmosphere of community with mutual respect, support and encouragement.

Challenging Environment. It’s not all about games! We always push our students to explore challenging and educational subjects and techniques in their work.

Old and Modern. We are not afraid to try challenging classical theatre. Likewise, we are interested in making new, original work with a strong emphasis on the input of the young actors.

Join the Company. Once a student joins they are part of a theatre company of young actors, respected as a young professional in training and responsible for themselves and their place in the company.


Thank you so much for all you do at ThirdSpace Theatre.  My daughter adores coming to the group.  In the two years she has been a member, she has gained a huge amount of confidence in herself alongside developing as an actor, learning to devise and write for stage, and being trained how to wield an eight foot wooden staff in stage combat.  She is proud to have been part of two awesome productions at BOAT.  The actors who run ThirdSpace are very talented and hugely generous with their time and commitment to the children.
Gillian Corderoy

I couldn’t recommend ThirdSpace Theatre more highly. This is not your usual drama club. They are inclusive and creative, they listen to the young people and work with them to create beautiful, unique and thought provoking productions. My son joined over 5 years, he’s 15 now and he loves it as much now as when he started. And Tanushka is an inspiration, she puts so much love and energy into everything she does.
Matilda Wileman

I enjoy ThirdSpace because of all the opportunities we get in the shows and when you get to watch what all of the other actors have come up with!!
Isola aged 8

ThirdSpace offers a fantastic environment for kids to be creative, expressive and independent. The tutors approach is both engaging and nurturing; the students develop a love of drama whilst having heaps of fun.
Lucy Beacham

With patience and encouragement the ThirdSpace Theatre instil confidence in their young people whether shy or extrovert skilfully guiding them to express themselves through exciting performances throughout the year.
Joy Cuff

A fantastic creative environment that let’s the children discover and develop their own sense of self. Just to top it off parents get to watch their performance at Boat! Graham and Denise are superb cultivators. Thank you all Ralph loves every minute of it!
Hermione Pask

‘ThirdSpace has provided my daughter with a wonderful place to be creative and express herself freely for the last 6 years. She has thoroughly enjoyed all the performances she’s been part of, some of them she has contributed some writing to also, which has also boosted her confidence as a writer. She is in the senior group now and I am amazed to see how far she has come with her acting, and how Tanushka has let her find her own voice with her gentle guidance. As a parent, it’s also fantastic to be surprised by the magical performances that Tanushka and all the WYActors team craft with love, brilliancy and patience. I could go on and on….this is theatre at its best!!!”
Maria Romero

My daughter has been attending ThirdSpace Theatre since she was 8 and is now 17. It has just got better and better since Tanushka has been director, culminating in the seniors entering pieces for the Brighton Festival and last year winning! The philosophy is fab, give young people the opportunity to create theatre and then see just how brilliant they can be!
Jane Salkeld

My shy 13 year old son only started with Dan at ThirdSpace less than a month ago and not only got up on stage and performed a devised piece in front of a large audience with his group but enjoyed it so much he can’t wait to go back in the new year, a real testement to Dan and how well he brings the group together with lots of energy and helps them form a supportive fun space to try things out in front of each other.

I am so happy my son joined the ThirdSpace Theatre at the beginning of 2017. It’s a safe, creative and inspiring space that caters to kids with incredible and huge talents as well as those who prefer a smaller role. They seem to work together harmoniously and non-judgementally and every input, big or small, always seems welcomed and appreciated. My son always comes out of his weekly session with a sense of calm and as if he’s been nourished emotionally and others come out bursting with creative ideas. They put on productions that feel really meaningful and challenging and the actors are allowed to contribute a lot to the process.”
Jessica, mum of 14 year old boy/Young Actor

I can honestly say that sending my son to ThirdSpace was the best decision for him, he is quite socially awkward (by his own admission). This group has given him purpose, brought him out of his shell and given him confidence, he is a much happier young lad. Hr really enjoyed being part of the production in the summer and he has now applied to colleges hoping to study drama and production. Thank you!

Lilli  really looks forward to coming to ThirdSpace each week and cannot wait for the new term(genuinely shes sad its finished for xmas!). She absolutely loves being part of fresh, innovative, thought provoking  and creative pieces of work.  Her confidence has noticeably grown and she has found a group of people that she really enjoys working with and being part of and has made some great friends.

My son has only been attending for a short time – but already he absolutely loves it. There is such a warm and inclusive feeling which allows him to explore his creativity fully.

I was genuinely delighted by all the work made by your students – you are really very unique in giving the students total creative control. Something I’m sure they all truly treasure.

I want to thank all who were involved in making the night happen and who work weekly in developing the drama skills that will give the children a great confidence boost, now and in their future. My son Miller is totally hooked.

“WYA has given my son so many gifts – creativity, laughter, friendship and above all the confidence to be himself.  I cannot thank Tanushka and her team for everything they do to nurture our young people.”
Pauline Doyle

My son age 10 has been going to drama group for about 2 years. He finds it fun, thinks the teachers are excellent and really looks forward to going on a Saturday morning. He has developed his acting skills and the big shows he has been in at the Windmill theatre and BOAT have been brilliant and have really helped with his confidence. As a parent I think it is really good value and it is great to see him enjoying something creative away from a screen!
Jude B

Thoroughly enjoyed their showcase last night …If you’re in Lewes, Brighton or Hastings and looking for a proper youth drama class then D… is the best, full stop. She teaches infants through to seniors proper stagecraft, improv and storytelling skills and her script choices are always inspired. So impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm of all her young actors. Thank you ThirdSpace. (Chloe King, mum of a Lewes Junior actor)

I really enjoyed the performance this evening and Rosie always has a ball coming to your sessions … we loved that it was devised collaboratively with the young actors, that it was political – referencing the refugee crisis etc. and what you did with the certificates at the end … really impressed … thanks so much. (Emmy Minton, mum of a Hastings Junior actor)

It’s the highlight of Raffi’s week and she has made so many lovely friends there which makes us happier than you can imagine! … How wonderful that in just one term you have given her the confidence to get up there and perform in front of a audience … We’ve been spreading the word on how awesome you are and how lovely the group is … (Emilia di Girolamo mum of a Hastings Senior actor)

(Please note, some reviews and testimonials were given when ThirdSpace Theatre was called Windmill Young Actors)