Earth Teeth

“Everything is part of a bigger system, everything plays their part. Everything except us.”

The planet is dying and civilisation has well and truly gone off the rails. The voice of the people has been left unheard for too long. Protests and chants have resulted in nothing. In the face of hopelessness and overwhelming odds, a group of friends turns to the Earth itself for help.

Earth Teeth is a striking new play by ThirdSpace associate artist, Sarah Leaver. It explores the responsive power that young people possess to bring about change in a world they did not create. Ritual, superstition, myth, and chaos. These are the only tools they have when all hope is lost – as they ask the Earth to listen. But what will the Earth want in return?

The friends feel they are on a precipice, as are you. When the Earth speaks, will you listen?

With so many of our oldest ThirdSpace members going off to drama school, this will be the last time you will be able to see some of them perform with ThirdSpace.

16+ (advisory)

Contains swearing and mature themes

12th and 13th July, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex, Gardner Centre Road, Brighton, BN1 9RA